In today’s world everyone loves to take selfies and photographs. They always looking for a top selfie spots and they also want some unique and best places where they can capture best photos. If you are a traveler and loves to explore then you will probably finds the places where you can relax yourself and takes photographs. For photographers they always finds some places where they can capture best moments and pictures. So, Today I have a some places for you where you can take selfies and also considered as one of the best places for selfie.

Top 10 Places for Taking Selfie

Calangute Beach

This beach is situated in the Goa. As we all know, that, Goa is the best place for the among youngsters to chill and enjoy. This is the place where you can enjoy with your friends and can do many adventurous activities as this the place which is surrounded by beaches, churches and many more. Goa is also best place for selfie spot. You can choose this place for taking best selfies and to collect and make unforgettable memories.

Chittorgarh Fort

The unique Chittorgarh Fort is in Rajasthan. We all are aware about the beauty and culture of Rajasthan. It is the place where you can meet and explore about the Maharaja’s of ancient time. Here you can experience royal life and learn about history in detail. The beauty and architectural design of this fort attracts tourists and makes one of the best selfie spot in India.

Neemrana Fort

This is also very popular and unique one in Rajasthan. This beautiful Resort cum Fort have mesmerizing views which attracts tourists. It is the best place to spend your time with your family and friends and also well suited for taking photographs because of its natural beauty. So, Get ready to capture your memories this reason.

Havlock Island

Everyone is dream to spend their holidays on island and beaches. This is almost everyone’s fantasy to create and capture those beautiful memories. So, Havlock Island is one of those Islands which can offers you an great experience and also best for photography. This Island is situated in the Andaman and Nicobar. So, get ready pack your bags and carry your cameras and enjoy your vacations.

Belum Caves

They are the caves which is situated in the Andhra Pradesh. It is an archaeological marvel which looks like a scene straight out of an Indiana Jones Movie. This famous and beautiful place gives you a better experience and you can capture perfect pictures of you. Thus, it is considered as one of the best selfie spot in India.


Jaisalmer is the city which is in Rajasthan and is very famous among tourists. This place serves you great forts and beautiful palaces which reflects the history and culture of ancient time. So, now you can imagine that capturing the moments which are related to our Indian culture and history can makes our holidays more memorable.

Dal Lake


There are many lakes, ponds and rivers in India and every river, pond,or lake have its own story because of which they are created. One of the lake among others is Dal Lake. This is in Kashmir. We all are aware about that the Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India and have many unforgettable views. Every second which you spend here gives a long lasting experience. So, Capturing those moments makes you special and you fill relaxed whenever you see the pictures of your at the most beautiful place in India.


Majuli is the place which is in Assam. It is the place which is less known by tourists. But believe me, this place is very beautiful and offers a great views of nature. You can spend your vacations with peace and in clean environment. Spending your vacations in such a beautiful place will definitely forces you capture images. Hence, consider this place also as one of the best selfie spot in India.

Tsongmo Lake

This famous and beautiful lake is in Sikkim. There are snow covered mountains which are rising above which throws the silver reflection on the lake. This thing makes it unique and also an advantage for the beauty of Sikkim. It is the wonderful place to capture your moments.

Jama Masjid

There are many religious places in our India and it is the specialty of our India that every country, every district have religious places. One of them is Jama Masjid which is in Delhi. It is a historic place which is built in ancient time. It is beautifully designed that’s why this is famous among photographers and also famous for taking selfies.

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