Konark is one of the famous city of Odissa which is also known by the name of “The City of Sun Temple”. It has a world-famous Sun Temple and come under UNESCO World Heritage Site too. It is not only the city of Sun Temple but also famous for beaches, rich culture, sunset views and many more. In addition to this, the Annual Dance Festival is the main highlight of the city. It is a five days long festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and invites the dancers from every corner of the world too. So, how can you miss this place? Trust me, it is a worthy place to visit your vacation very well. Hey, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to explore the City of Sun Temple. Here is the mini-guide which you can consider before traveling to Konark. Read On-

1. Sun Temple

Konark sun temple is one of the most beautiful and an ancient Hindu temple, located at a distance of 1.5 km away from the Konark bus stand, in Odisha. This sun temple is situated in the heart of Konark and renowned one in all over the world for its architecture. It is designed as a chariot of Sun God, Surya with wheels and horses all carved in the stone. It is a classic style of Kalinga Architecture and an Indian heritage. This beautiful temple is dedicated to the Sun God and was built by King Narasimha Deva I of the Eastern Ganga dynasty, in the year of the 13th century. In addition to this, every year in the month of February, a great Mela is held here named as Chandrabhaga Mela and the people from different places come here to enjoy this Mela. 

Timings- 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Entry Fee- INR 10 For Indians And INR 250 For Foreigners

2. Konark Museum

The Konark museum is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist spots in Odisha. Located very near to the Sun Temple, the Konark museum is a worthwhile place to visit. It was established in the year 1968, which is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. There are 4 galleries which also has 260 different fallen architecture pieces and also has sculptures that were founded during the clearance work of the main Konark complex temple. It is the perfect destination for art and history lovers. In the first gallery, there are 62 antiquities, and the great images of Surya and Lord Vishnu in the sandstone. In the second gallery, there is 108 antiquities present and is one of the largest gallery in this museum. This gallery has a reconstruction wall of the temple, the head of the crocodile in gigantic nature and the drummer are present.

In the third gallery, there are 45 antiquities are present. Here you found the objects like celestial nymphs, Gaja Vyala, the king, the image of Surya Narayana, and his various are erotic figures. At last the fourth gallery, there are a total of 45 galleries and includes the man tied by the elephant truck, the part of the Surya image, erotic couple, the roaring lion and the king’s witnessed dance performance. Hence, you seriously can’t afford to miss this place. 

Timing- 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM (But Closed on Friday)
Entry Fee- INR 20 For Indians And INR 100 For Foreigners.

3. Konark Beach

Konark beach is one of the most famous place located at a distance of 3 km away from the sun temple. Commonly known as Chandrabaggha Beach, it is regarded as one of the top beaches of the country. The beach is rich in Marine resources. The cool breeze, sun, clear sand, and turquoise waters make this place a more adorable and perfect destination to spend some precious time with your family and friends. In addition to this, the view of sunrise and sunset is really breathtaking and can’t express in words. One can enjoy surfing, sunbathing and lots more on the beautiful beach.

One can also climb up to the top of nearby Lighthouse for a majestic view of the beach and the adjacent Natural Deer Park. The annual 7-day Megha Saptami Mela is also a major attraction for tourists.  It takes place on the 7th full moon day of Megha month. The best time to visit this beach is only during the winter season because at that time the temperature varies from 27 degrees Celsius and 16 degrees Celsius. 

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

4. Kuruma

Kuruma is one of the smallest village in the city, located at a distance of 7 km away from the Puri district of Odisha. An archaeological evacuated site and a popular Buddhist site. The site has a well-known image of Buddha in which he is sitting cross-legged with the right hand in Bhumisparsa mudra while the left hand placed over his left knee. The image also wears a beautiful craved necklace and a beautiful crown. A couple of more images have also been found there. This site was first reported by the name of one school teacher whose name is Brajabandhu Das and subsequently excavated by the Odisha state Archaeology from 1971 to 1975. You should visit here once!

Timing- 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

5. Ramchandi Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Ramchandi, it is one of the most popular places of pilgrimage of Odisha. It is believed to be the main Deity of Konark and located at the bank of the river Kushabhadra. This place is situated at a distance of 10 km away from the Konark, in the Puri district of Odisha. This temple is surrounded by the Casuarina plantation which is an extra advantage to the beauty of this temple. The architectural view of this pilgrimage place is also appreciable and attracts most of the tourists towards it. In addition to this, the temple is adjacent to Ramchandi Beach where one can do activities like sunbathing, swimming and boating. People also go there for a picnic.

Timing- 6:00 AM To 6:00 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

6. Astaranga Beach

Another must-visit place in Konark is Astaranga Beach, located at 91 kilometers away from the Jagannath temple and also 19 kilometers away from the Konark Sun temple. It lies on the sea pore of the Bay of Bengal coast in the Prachi Valley. The name of this beach is divided into two words which means, the meaning of Asta is Sunset and the meaning of Ranga is colorful. So, as the name indicates, the attractive beach with a beautiful sunset. It is a sandy beach that includes swimming and cooking options. From here, you can also have a stunning view of the bird and the spectacular view of turtle nesting. This place also offers an unusual distinct view of the vibrant sunrise and sunset. This Astarang beach is slightly different from the other beaches in terms of temperature, and the crowd or accommodation. You will surely enjoy this place.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee No Entry Fee

7. Maa Mangala Temple

The Maa Mangala Temple is one of the most beautiful and renowned Shakti Peetha temple in Odisha. It is also known by the name of ‘Saraba Mangala Mandir’ or ‘Bata Mangala Temple’. According to legends, the goddess Mangala always has hidden under the water of the Prachi River. One day the boatman is not able to cross this river in full spate when the goddess Mangala comes in his dream and tells him to recover her from the middle of the river. For this reason, he established this temple in the village of Managalapur. The boatman dived and recovered the goddess idol and built the temple in the 15th century. It is a symbol of the ancient heritage of Kalinga. 

Timing- 7:30 AM To 1:30 PM And 4:30 PM To 7:30 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

8. Varahi Devi Temple

Another pilgrimage site in Konark is Varahi Devi Temple, situated at Chaurasi in Puri district of Odisha. It is located at the bank of the River Prachi and is must visit place in Konark. It was built in the 10th Century during the Somavamsi rule. This temple is also known by the name of Matsya Varahi who is the presiding deity of Goddess Varahi in Lalita asana on the plain ground with her foot resting upon the buffalo and mount carved on the pedestal. This temple is spread over an area of approximately 2 acres and the architectural view of the temple attracts most of the tourists towards it. You will also find the sculptures of different deities and some popular scenes of Ramayan like the abduction of Sita, killing of Jatayu, killing of illusory deer, the murder of Bali, construction of the bridge over the sea and many more.

Timing- 5:00 AM To 10:00 AM And 5:30 PM To 8:30 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

9. Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandranhaga Beach is located in Orissa near Sun Temple. It is a beautiful and pollution free beach of the country. The serene beauty of the place attracts most of the tourists towards it and enable them to enjoy their vacations with their affectionate ones. The clean shores, cool breeze and crystal clear water makes this place worthwhile to visit. It is a perfect place for photography too. So, don’t miss an opportunity to visit here, if you are in Konark. 

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

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