There are many places to visit in India and every place have its own story or history. But if you are looking for a interesting place and get to know about Indian culture in detail then you are on the right place. Yes, this place is Hampi. This is the place where you get many religious places and famous forts and royal places. So, this vacation lets get in touch with our Indian culture. Before planning your trip lets take a small tour towards the village Hampi.

Hampi- An Overview

It is an ancient village in the south Indian state of Karnataka. It is dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes from Vijayanagar empire which is also known by the name of Hampi. On the south bank of river Tungabhadra is the 7th century Hindu Virupaksha Temple, near Hampi bazaar. A carved stone chariot stands in front of the huge Vittala Temple Site. There are many more best places to visit which gives you best experience and well suited to spend your vacations.

  • Best Time to Visit:- October to March
  • Temperature:- 25 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius

Places to Visit in Hampi

Hippie Island

It is a small island which is situated across the Tungabhadra river.This island is also known by the name of “Virapapur Gadde”. Most of the tourists stay near this river because of the natural beauty and best experience. It takes 5-10 minutes to travel to the island via coracle and boat. This is best tourist place among others in the city. This place is well situated to spend your holidays here and also best place for photography.

Best Time to Visit:- October to March

Elephant Stables


It is a famous place since the days of Vijayanagra empire. This place serves as an enclosure of elephants from the days of Vijayanagra empire. There are eleven domed chambers which are well decorated and serves as an enclosure for the musicians while they are performing their performance. You should visit this place to explore the culture and to know about more Indian history.

Best Time to Visit:- October to March ( 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM)

Entry Fee:- INR 40 Onwards

Zenana Enclosure

Firstly, it was the women’s quarter. As it was the part of royal enclosure, so it was especially for the royal women i.e. The Queen, her friends and her companions. Now, it is become a most popular place among tourist. At this place, they will get to know their lifestyles and gets more closer towards Indian history and Indian culture.

Best Time to Visit:- Throughout the Year ( 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Entry Fee:- INR 20 Onwards

Laxmi Narasimha Temple

This temple is one of the famous temple in the city. Many of the tourist attracted towards this religious place because of its architectural design and believes among people. This temple have the biggest sculpture of Narasimha sitting on the Seshanaag i.e. the seven headed snake acting as a shelter to him. The idol of Goddess Laxmi is also placed along with that of Narasimha.

Best Time to Visit:- Throughout the year 

Entry Fee:- No entry fee

Old Palace

This palace is located in the anegondi and reflects the Indian History very well. This palace is totally surrounded by the forts and is very famous among tourists. Most of the tourists visit here to explore this palace. So, I suggest you to try this place as well.

Best Time to Visit:- October to March ( 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Entry Fee:- INR 20 Onwards 

King’s Balance

king's balance

Image Source

It is the ancient 15th Century attraction which was famous for weigh the kings with the royal jewels every year on a special occasion. After weighing, the jewels were donated to the temple’s priests. The structure have carved pillars in a very detailed manner. It is made of a granite and the pillars support a stone beam that have hoops which was used to suspend the balance.

Best Time to Visit:- October to March ( 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) 

Entry Fee:- No entry fee

Hampi Utsav

Hampi Utsav is one of the famous occasion in the Vijayanagar empire and is celebrated with lighting and happily by everyone. It is the biggest festival every year in the Hampi. This festival takes place at the Virupaksha Temple every year. In this festival you will get in touch with their culture as well as many religious and interesting memories or stories of the city. Hence, if you planning your trip then don’t forget to attend this biggest utsav.

Best Time to Visit:- November

Entry Fee:- No entry fee.

Riverside Ruins

This place have a splendid cluster of Shiva lings carved on the flat rocky surface. In addition, there are also several shrines which are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other Hindu deities. These ruins are now in a row of 108 lingas and a squarish 1008 lingas and can be spotted all across the gorge. Thus, this place is full of excitement and hence one of the best place to visit.

Best Time to Visit:- Throughout the year

Entry Fee:- No entry fee

Archaeological Museum

This museum is well suited to tourists because from here they get to know detailed information about everything like culture, art, history, etc. As, it is a government museum in the area houses a number of artifacts, remains, and other exhibits founds during excavation.

Best Time to Visit:- October to February 

Entry Fee:- INR 30 Onwards

Monkey Temple

The monkey temple is also known by the name of Yantradharaka Hanuman Temple which is situated inside a cave on the hills of Anjaneya, which is at the 2 km away from virupaksha temple. This temple is 500 years old and is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is also very famous among other tourists attraction and also best suited for photography because of the view from this temple.

Best Time to Visit:- Throughout the year

Entry Fee:- No entry fee

Adventurous Things to do in Hampi

  • Cycling Tour
  • Bouldering
  • Visit the Royal Enclosure
  • Trekking
  • Bullock and Horse Cart Ride
  • Cliff climbing

How to Reach

  • By Air:- Nearest airport is Hubli Airport which is approximately 144 KM away from city.
  • By Rail:- Nearest Railway station is Kariganuru which is approximately 10 KM away from city.

Best Places to Stay in Hampi

  • Laxmi Heritage

Tariff:- INR 100 Onwards

  • Jungle Tree Hampi

Tariff:- INR 1000 Onwards

  • Clark’s Inn

Tariff:- INR 2000 Onwards

  • River View Guest House

Tariff:- INR 1500 Onwards

  • Heritage Resort Hampi

Tariff:- INR 5000 Onwards

  • Hampi Boulder’s Resort

Tariff:- INR 4000 Onwards

  • Sri Home stay

Tariff:- INR 5000 Onwards

  • Mowgli Guest House

Tariff:- INR 4000 Onwards

Place to Visit Near Hampi

  • Bird Sanctuary

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 30 KM away

  • Otter Reserve

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 34 KM away

  • Tungabhadra Dam

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 5 KM away

  • Stone Age Colony

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 6 KM away

  • Badami

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 140 KM away

  • Pattadakal

Distance from Hampi:- Approximately 130 KM away

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