List of Places to visit in Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata is also known as the city of joy is the capital of West Bengal. Kolkata is founded by East India company post. Kolkata city is the only city in India where police uniform color is white. lots of places have in Kolkata tourism to travel with family friends and couples today we talk about the ten most famous places of the Kolkata. if you are in Kolkata city and you have a plan to visit in Kolkata this article will be helpful for Top 10 places to visit in Kolkata your travel ride so let’s started –

1. Howrah Bridge

Howrah bridge completed in 1943, it’s daily traffic approx 1 lakh vehicles. it is renamed Ravindra Setu on the name of Rabindranath Tagore on 14 June 1965. Howrah bridge is world 6th largest Bridge of its type. it’s world most busiest Bridge with 1.5 lakh pedestrians. Howrah Bridge is a popular landmark of Kolkata tourism and as well as India. Kolkata is the city of joy and if you come here you must visit Howrah Bridge once in a lifetime. this is not only famous in Kolkata city this is also famous on the whole of India.

2. Floating Market

City of joy has the first floating market in India. This floating market is open in 2018, here you can buy fruits, vegetables, fish and other product. nearest metro stations are Shahid Khudiram or Kavi Subhas and auto/bus ride of 2-3 mins from these stations. So if you are a photographer and you are in Kolkata city so don’t miss this beautiful place. Patuli lake is the nearest place form the floating market where you can shoot wedding photography and lots of other things.

Address of Floating Market: Pond Block H, Block E, Baishnabghata Patuli Twp, Patuli, Kolkata, West Bengal 700094

3. Eco Tourism Park

New Town Eco Park is the biggest Park in India till now, it’s startedĀ  29 Dec 2012 and it’s open all year. Eco Prak has 21 different types of Thematic Areas and 12 Activities games zone also available. it’s a very interesting and enjoyable place to visit and picnic with the family. this is the best places to visit in Kolkata tourism, it has water island middle of the park called eco-island. also, you can taste different foods of Kolkata in this place here are some timing-

Eco Park closed on Monday.

Park entry and Ticket counter close at 07:30 P.M.
Entry charge is Rs 30/Per person.

Summer Season: (1 March to 31 October)

Tuesday to Saturday – 2:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
Sunday & Holidays – 12 Noon. to 8:30 P.M.

Winter Season: (1 November to 28 February)

Tuesday to Saturday – 12 Noon. to 7:30 P.M.
Sunday & Holidays – 11 AM. to 7:30 P.M.

4. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple is located Dakshineshwar and it is a Hindu temple. this temple has 12 Shiva temples, 1 temple of Radhakrishna and 1Main Temple of Goddess Kali. according to us, this is the best places to visit in Kolkata city Dakshuneshwar Kali Temple Build By Rani Rashmoni who is a philanthropist and a devotee of Kali. This temple also Famous for Ramakrishna Paramahansa who comes in this temple as a priest in 1855. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple has a different spot in the history of Kolkata that makes this place must visit place for every tourist.

5. Victoria Memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial Hall is White marble building in Kolkata tourism build between 1906 and 1921. this is dedicated to queen victoria, in 1901 on the death of Queen, then Viceroy of India proposed to build a Victoria Memorial. Now, this is a museum and tourist destination and also a picnic spot. Victoria Memorial has a large maidan near the bank of Hooghly river. Victoria Memorial Hall located on Queen’s Way.

6. Eden Garden

Eaden Garden is the India biggest cricket stadium with a capacity of 64000 audiences capacity. in 2011 it’s redesigned and reduce its capacity from 1 lakh to 64thousand. it is hosted international matches. Eng vs WI world cup final also played in Eden garden 2016. also, it’s hosted the most number of matches in India. there is some football match also played as well. if you like the cricket you should visit this place and check out upcoming matches for taste the enjoy of Kolkata crowd that is very focused during the matches.

7. Prinsep Ghat places to visit in Kolkata

Prinsep Ghat based on the name of James Prinsep, it is located on the near Hooghly river. here are lot’s of food corners, street food stalls, and famous 50 years old ice cream stall and it is popular among the crowd. multiple television and song shoot did in Prinsep Ghat. in the evening time crowed come more than the day time, you can ride bots from here. Kolkata Government recreated this and for nature lovers, you can see gardens and chairs for sitting that became this place very peaceful also. this is a famous landmark of Kolkata city.

8. Park Street

Park Street is an important part of Kolkata tourism where you can visit with your friend an evening and night time. Park Street is very popular for its restaurants and old British stylish buildings, Park Street is the most favorite place for the photographer. you can also see much time on social media yellow taxi photos on park street. Park Street has some famous structure like park mention, queen mention, and Stephan court. and if you are alcoholic than this is the must-visit place for you there are lots of good quality pubs that will serve you according to your wishes. this is in the top of the listed best places to visit in Kolkata.

9. Science City

India has lot’s of science city but what is the difference between other science city and Kolkata science city. Kolkata science city is the largest science city in India. it is integrated on 1st July 1997 for national and foreign tourist and residents of the city. it is developed by the national council museum. it is open all day except Holi. you can watch here 3-D VIsion Theater, mirror magic, time machine

Entry timing: timing 9 am to 8 pm

10. Millennium Park

Millennium Park started from 26 Dec 1999, it is very beautiful and sightseeing place. from the Millennium Park, you can get the best view of Howrah bridge in the day time as well as night time, it’s looking more attractive in the night time because of lights and lamps on the street and park in Millennium Park. this could be your best places to visit in Kolkata in the night time. this is very piece place you should visit in the evening or night time, Millennium Park has a very good sitting arrangement for the visitors and this place is especially for the landscape photographers. this is the best places to visit in Kolkata tourism at night.

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