Mizoram is derived from the word ‘Mizo’. The native inhabitants are known as ‘Mizos and therefore Mizoram is known as the ‘Land of Mizos’. It is one of the seven sister states in North-East India. It is majorly agrarian-based economy and has the highest concentration of tribal population among all other states of India. let’s take a look on Top 10 Places to visit in Mizoram.


AizawlImage SourceAizawl also is known as the land of mizos is situated in beautiful North East and is also home to the Mizoram state Museum. Aizwal is one of the oldest cities in the northeastern part with an elevated setting and breath-taking views. It is said to be the most peaceful state in India and if anyone wants to relax and take a break from there busy life can come here. There are many tourist spots and apart from them it people can also take a tour to the nearby hilly areas of Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake and Chanmari.


SerchhipImage SourceSercchip is also known as the hidden color of Mizoram. Serchip is known to be the city with the highest literacy rate and can give you vibrant experience. Serchhip is a small town where you can experience the life of a small village the activities and the color that it sustains. There are also some popular villages like Neihloh and Buangpuri.  There is also said to be a  beautiful waterfall where one can experience the beautiful gifts of nature which is the Vantawng Khawhltha waterfall.


Lunglei meaning ‘the bridge of rock’, this city is famous for its beautiful nature and breathtaking views.  People can come here for bird watching, trekking, Adventure and to see nature’s most beautiful creations. this place makes a perfect list of top 10 places to visit in Mizoram. Lunglei is situated in the southern part of nature and is named after the actual bridge like rock found here. The town is also well closed to the city of Aizawl.


Champhai a beautiful town in Mizoram which contains fascinating sights with the colorful culture surrounding it. This city contains a number of beautiful places such as a cave called the Kungawrhi Puk, a river called Tiau Lui, Rih Dil Lake, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang and a few more. People can definitely add this place in there holiday list if they want to experience nature.


Mamit is the fourth largest district in Mizoram. It is known for its exquisite scenic locales and magnificence, one should not miss out this beautiful place if they are visiting Mizoram. this is an important place in top 10 places to visit in Mizoram.


Siaha is known as the fastest growing town in Mizoram as its population has increased from the last decade. There is said to be a mystery behind its name earlier its name was Siaha where ‘Sia’ stands for ‘elephant’ and ‘ha’ stands for ‘tooth’ which meant elephant tooth, however, its name afterward was changed by the Mizoram. Its an extremely beautiful place where you should spend your holiday if one wants to relax.


One of the most mesmerizing hill station in Mizoram. Hmuifang is also known for its adventurous and wild culture activities. It’s a must visit for tourist as it has all the promises for tourist that they like to see when they are on a holiday. It has a lot of activities and festivals plus if someone wants to relax then they can definitely get relaxed by its breathtaking views. This hill station comes in the number seven to top 10 places to visit in Mizoram.

8. TAM DIL – Top 10 Places to visit in Mizoram

The largest lake in Mizoram it’s a human-made lake, particularly for tourist attraction. Tamdil lake means the ‘lake of mustard’ is a magnificent lake with mesmerizing views. This lake is a relaxation point for those who want to get away from the crowd and get relaxed it is also a fishing spot for the fisherman or even for those who want to go fishing.


The highest waterfall in the state and the 13th highest in the country, Vantawng waterfall is the most splendid waterfall and people from all over the country come to see this waterfall. The waterfall can only be viewed from a distance due to the thick forest covering it. its beauty is mesmerizing and the one who has not seen it should definitely visit it.


This village shows the life of the Mizo people. The people who would visit it the first time they will see a unique culture. The Falkawn village forms the biggest tribe of the Mizo people. It has a very unique culture as mentioned earlier and one should add it in their bucket list if they are visiting Mizoram.



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