Top 10 Places To Visit in Pushkar

Pushkar, a town bordering the Thar Desert, in the Northeastern Part of the Indian State of Rajasthan needs no introduction for the glory, history, and culture that it possesses. One of the country’s ancient cities, located in Ajmer, it is well-known for its religious significance, as the city is home to one of the very few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma (Hindu god). Pushkar has it all for any enthusiast traveler: the annual cattle fair, the holy lake, a handful of adventure activities, and endless emotions to capture on camera. Before we get into an exclusive list of places to visit in Pushkar, there are a few things you should know. 

Pushkar is best visited between the months of October and November. This is when the famous Pushkar Mela, also known as the Pushkar Camel Fair, comes to town, and the weather is also nicer during these months. Here are some of the most important places to visit in Pushkar, Rajasthan that you should not miss:

1- Pushkar Lake

This lake is located in the Rajasthan district of Ajmer and is surrounded by more than fifty bathing ghats. According to legend, Lord Brahma was looking for a location to hold a religious ceremony. He threw down a lotus to guide him. The lotus fell on what is now known as Pushkar Lake.
It is a sacred body of water for Hindus and the site of the Pushkar Fair. Thousands of pilgrims come here during the fair to take a holy dip that is said to cleanse sins. The lake is generally full all year and contains a variety of fish. Exotic flora and fauna can be found in the surrounding areas. During certain seasons, a large number of migratory birds visit the body of water. You will never be short of accommodation options when you visit here because it is surrounded by excellent hotels and resorts.
The lake, which is set among beautiful hills, is one of Rajasthan’s most popular tourist attractions. These hills are home to Saint Agasthya’s cave, one of the most intriguing places to visit in Pushkar. This great saint is said to have spent much of his life meditating in these adjoining hills.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

2- Varaha Temple

Varaha Temple, one of the most well-known Pushkar tourist attractions, is located in the city’s heart. With Pushkar being the land of glorious dynasties and religious temples, this lovely temple lives up to its name. The Varaha Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s avatar Varaha, who took the form of a boar in his incarnation. The temple is magnificently constructed, with stunning architecture that includes a dome, white walls, and pillars. Because of its religious significance, it draws a large number of Hindu devotees from all over the country.

Timing- Sunset To Sunrise
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

3- Savitri Temple

The Savitri Temple is one of the most well-known pilgrimage sites in Pushkar. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Gayatri, Lord Brahma’s distressed wife. To reach this temple, one must first climb approximately 200 stairs to the Ratnagiri hilltop. The ropeway, on the other hand, can be used to reach the temple. According to legend, Goddess Gayatri rested here during her visit to Pushkar. This temple is also well-known for its architectural and scenic splendour.

Timing- 7:00 AM To 9:00 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

4- Gau Ghat

Pushkar is known as the “Land of the Ghats.” The Gau Ghat is the most popular of the 52 ghats. It is a large ghat surrounded by the Raj Babra temple, which creates the atmosphere. This ghat is frequently visited by people who come to perform religious rituals, specifically the pind daan ceremony for the dead. Furthermore, the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, and Lal Bahadur Shastri were scattered into the lake at the Gau Ghat. The lanes near the Gau Ghat are teeming with tiny street shops selling leather goods, jewellery, artwork, and handicrafts.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

5- Naga Pahar

A hill known as Naga Pahar separates Pushkar and Ajmer. According to legend, the hills of Naga Pahar are still eroding and will eventually vanish completely. These hills are thought to be the home of the famous Sage Agastya. The hills also have a lake known as Nag Kund. From its summit, Naga Pahar provides a spectacular view of Pushkar and is frequently used as a vantage point for photographers. It is one of the best Pushkar tourist attractions for a memorable vacation.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

6- Rose Garden

Pushkar is also known for rose farming, and this place is known as Rajasthan’s Rose Garden. The farmers here raise a lot of roses, and the different varieties of this flower are transported all over the world. There are acres of farmland with the scent of lovely red roses in all colors – enticing enough to make one want to relax and spend some rosy time. For a great holiday with your loved ones, take a visit to these well-known Pushkar tourist attractions.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 7:00 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

7- Doctor Café

The Doctor Café, one of Pushkar’s most popular cafes, serves a wide range of delectable dishes to its customers. Because the majority of the tourist crowd in Pushkar is made up of foreigners, the café caters to them by serving a variety of cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, and Israeli, among others. It also serves all three meals, namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at the times specified. The cleanliness of this café is what draws the majority of tourists. To keep tourists interested throughout the day, the food is presented in a tempting and appetizing manner.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 10:00 PM
Entry Fee- INR 1000 For 2 Persons

8- Man Mahal

This lovely palace was built by Amber’s Raja Man Singh and is close to Pushkar Sarovar. The palace is built in traditional Rajasthani style and contains a temple. The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation looks after the palace, which serves as a tourist bungalow. The most popular tourist attractions are the breathtaking sunset views of the surrounding lakes and temples. Camel riding and camping can be arranged for guests upon request. The Man Mahal is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan in January.

Timing- 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

9- Merta

Merta is nearly 400 years old and is well-known for the Meera Temple — the Krishna devotee. This city, formerly known as Medantak, is the birthplace of Meera Bai, and this connection has kept it among the most popular places to visit in Pushkar. Dadhimati Temple and Charbhuja Temple, both located nearby, draw a large number of devotees throughout the year. This city also has a lot of historical significance due to the large number of battles it has seen and is thus one of the most popular places to visit in Pushkar. Make sure it’s one of them if you’re going to Pushkar.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

10- Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar

Pushkar is a melting pot of religions, with temples, gurudwaras, and majars. One of the most sacred locations to visit in Pushkar is Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar, which is located in the city’s heart. Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Nanak Dev are said to have stayed here when passing through Pushkar. This is why this location is held in such high regard and reverence by the public. In the Gurudwara’s grounds, you will find peace.

Timing- Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee- No Entry Fee

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