Yeah! Vacations are on the way, now it’s time to make some plans! All of us have the same expression whenever our holidays are coming. We all want a break from our busy schedule and that is why we want to spend our holidays in a best and unforgettable way. One of the best ways to spend your vacations and to refresh your mind is a small tour away from your home with your near and dear ones. For this, we want a beautiful place to visit. That’s why we all are searching on the internet all the time but still not able to get the perfect destination for vacations. If you are also one of them, then, don’t fret! Now, you are in the right place, We have a beautiful and astonishing place to visit in India and trust me we have the best suggestions for you. So, come to the point, If you love to explore and want to gain some knowledge about Indian history, culture and many more, then, Uttar Pradesh is the perfect destination for you. This is the home of one of the seven wonders of the world and is embellished with the beautiful surroundings and is an utterly religious one. This place is the house of most beautiful monuments, cultural sights, museums and many more. This state is also known for its Nawabi style food and its classical dance, music, and art attract most of the tourists towards it. Now, let’s take a tour at some of the best places to visit in Uttar Pradesh.

Top 5 places to visit in Uttar Pradesh


Agra is one of the famous places across India. This is the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Yes, we are talking about the Taj Mahal. Agra is the perfect destination for you to know about the rich culture of Uttar Pradesh and there are also many other historical and cultural places to visit in Agra that will add an unforgettable experience in your vacations for the lifetime. Situated at the bank of river Yamuna, have lots of monuments and heritage sites to visit in the city. One can also explore many more things about the culture and history of Agra in detail by visiting and spending their precious time with near and dear ones.

Best Time to Visit- October to March

Ideal Duration- 1 to 2 Days


One of the most famous and oldest cities that is situated at the bank of the river Yamuna and this one is one of the most important and popular religious places in India. There is a temple of Banke Bihari and Prem Mandir which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The devotees of Lord Krishna come here to take the blessings of him and they really enjoy this place very much. This amazing and fabulous place is the perfect destination for you to spend your vacations and to refresh your mind. Here you can also visit many of the other tourist spots and temples that will surely be admired by you. So, what are you waiting for, add this place in your list to enjoy your vacations effectively.

Best Time to Visit-Throughout the year

Ideal Duration-  1 to 2 Days

Fort of Unchagaon

It is one of the most famous heritage resorts and is the exceptionally best place for a weekend getaway. This historical fort is situated at the village of Unchagaon which is close to Garhmukteshwar in Moradabad on the New Delhi National Highway in Uttar Pradesh. This famous fort was built in the year 1850 for Rajput Zamindars. It was totally made up of mud which gives it a unique and elegant view. But after that, Raja Surendra Pal Singh inherited this fort at the age of 10 years and then renovate it as an open heritage resort. From there, it has become a famous heritage and tourist spot with all the modern amenities and beautiful architectural views. Thus, it is also one of the perfect destinations for you to travel to the city.

Best Time to Visit- October to March

Ideal Duration- 2 to 3 Days


It is the popular pilgrimage and historical place that is situated in the district of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. This place is the birthplace of Goddess Radha and this place is also known by the name Vrishanhanpura after the name of Maharaj Vrishanbhanu who is the father of Goddess Radha. There are also so many places to visit in the city with its religious and historical significance. This beautiful city is surrounded by a lush greenery and hills which enhances the charm of the Barsana. The enchanting view from the top of the hills is really amazing which constrains you to leave and come back again. Thus, it is also one of the next perfect destinations for you.

Best Time to Visit- October to March

Ideal Duration- 1 to 2 Days


It is an ancient town which is famous for the divine tales of the epic Mahabharata. This is situated at the bank of the river Ganga near Meerut in UP as well. It is the birthplace of three Jain Tirthankara and that’s why becomes a popular and important religious place for Jains. Hastinapur is the capital of Kauravas and ruled by the Pandavas in ancient times after the winning of Mahabharata. From that time until now, this place is known by the name of the town of Mahabharata. You will really enjoy this place and it is the perfect destination to explore about history and culture of India. You seriously can’t afford to miss this place whenever you travel to Uttar Pradesh. That’s why to add this place today to your list to get an unforgettable experience for the lifetime.

Best Time to Visit- October to March

Ideal Duration- 1 to 2 Days

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